Men's Study
21 Days With engaging stories and appropriate analogies, 21 Days to Happily Ever After is a men’s bible study that communicates what God expects of every man and shows you how to apply these principles to everyday life in order to live happily ever after with your wife.order now
“My wife and I were separated when I first talked to Chris at a Starbucks. I believe the tools he shared with me saved my marriage. I’m home again with my wife and we are building our marriage the way God intended”
A Happy Husband,
“After attending the Adventure of Being a Wife class my marriage become a source of true happiness for me, my husband and my children. I am glad I took the time to hear what God has to say about being a wife. Thanks for a nudge in the right direction. “
A Happy Wife,
“They stood with us even when it was difficult. There was so much anger and hurt we were both ready to leave. Through weekly individual training they showed us how to be happy and we stayed together. Thank God we did, it’s so good. “
A Reconciled Couple,
“Thanks for the healthy start to our marriage. The lessons from the premarital course really work. We know our roles, we know what God wants for us and we know we will live happily ever after. “
Recently Married,