I encourage men to journal.  This is how you can know where you have been, where you want to go and how God has moved you along the path.  Here is something that happened in my life today as a result.

Today I read a journal entry from May 26, 2001; it read “God is showing me a garden and asking Gay and I to work it.  The Garden may have weeds and poison ivy and it which may irritate you at first.  But stay with it.”

Today our vision for this garden is much clearer.  We know we are called to help married couples live happily ever after.  We know that call is a vineyard name “Forty-eight percent”.   God has promised that we will see the divorce rate  below 48% in our lifetime.  Big promise.

So how did we get from working in a garden over run with weeds and thistle and poison ivy in 2001 to pruning the vines in a vineyard called “48%” in 2014.  Frankly I can not remember easily.  So I spent some time looking in my journal at where God has taken us.

March 20, 2002 3:00 AM  “I had a dream that Gay and I were talking to a very large crowd and telling them about Christ.  We asked if any wanted to hear more.  Three couple did.” 

August 6, 2004 “The uncomfortable feelings I have been having lately have to do with God calling me out of my current life… and to rely on him”

January 26, 2005 “As I prayed today I was reminded that Paul made tents for a while before he went on his first mission trip.  He did not complain but prepared”

February 14, 2006 – Psalm 126 “Thank you Lord for the blessings that are the seeds I can sow into the world.”

May 2006 – I left my corporate Job and registered Genesis 2:24 Ministries with the state of Indiana

January 2012 “God has told me to name the Vineyard Gay and I are working forty-eight percent”

There are so many trials and bumps in the road from 2001 to now but I can clearly see that God was giving me what I needed.  He was encouraging me and training me.  He was molding Gay and developing her so that she would be equipped to run beside me.

Today we confidently tell folks that we know divorce is the wrong answer no matter the question.  We can see the fruit growing; we have harvested; we have enjoyed.

Let me encourage you to keep journalling so that you can see your vision mature.  Like the jews first entering the promised land set up stones so they could tell their children how God had moved them (Joshua 4), let your journal be a lasting memorial so you to can tell how God matured your vision.