If you are doing the Daniel Fast you are likely on about day 8 or 9 of 21 and are starting to get short on non-meat recipes.   I hope and pray that you are not running out of spirit for the fast.  I hope you are journaling you journey through the fast and are recording all the great things God is showing you.   Be sure to be praying for an answer – God is interested in what you are interested in and wants to here your prayers.

I tried this Vegan Tuna salad the other day and it was pretty darn good.  Here is what I did:

1 can of chickpeas – well drained.  I just a pastry cutter to slice them up in a large stainless bowl.  You could use a fork to do this as well.  The idea is to “Flake” it up like you would a can of Tuna.

Mice up a couple of stalks of celery  and a teaspoon of capers.

Add 3/4 cup of mayonnaise ( I used some vegan mayonnaise I made but the stuff in the jar may be a more familiar taste to you).   Also add two teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard.

Finally you need to add some kelp powder.  Most folks do not have this around the house… I did not.  I do make sushi often to I had nori so I cut it up to fine tiny pieces.  This ingredient and the capers really help make the recipe taste like tuna.

Mix this all up like you would any tuna salad and let it sit in the fridge for half hour to let the flavors mix.

Some variations you might try:  I like pickles in my tuna so I put relish in it.  I also like course ground pepper in my tuna salad so I ground some of that up as well.  Make it your own.

I would enjoy hearing how you like the vegan tuna salad but I really want to hear how God is blessing you in this fast.