Fireworks Tent

In 2010 we started selling fireworks from a large white tent in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Scottsburg Indiana for the forth of July. Scottsburg is about 20 miles from where we live in Seymour, Indiana.  This as our only fundraiser we do for our ministry.  We do it only once a year to raise the money we need to reach out and encourage families in our community.

Some years have been great  and some not so great regarding the amount of money we raise.  In 2013 after a couple of years of not making enough money to justify the huge effort required in the hot, hot hot July in Indiana we struggled  with rather or not to continue.

You see, one of the basic things that we love about the tent is the people that come to see us.  So many have come to know us and come back year after year. Gay gets to love on the children who come in.  She gives them some bubbles or a red,white,and blue necklace and gets to pray for each of them.  Chris enjoys getting each customer exactly what he or she wants by educating them on what goes up high and what is colorful and how to put together a show on the the budget they have.  But above all is the fun we have telling people about our ministry.  We get to talk about marriage and family all day long.  We have prayed with and for so many; we have seen miracles right there in our tent.  So you see, we didn’t want to quit but we  were concerned with the return on our investment. After prayer we both heard God telling us that we were not to be concerned any longer regarding the money, that he would provide for us. We were to be His arms and ears.  We need to speak His love to everyone to enters the tent. So this year as in years past we will be selling fireworks in the parking lot.  Please come out and visit us, we would love to see you.

If you would like to be a part of this out reach opportunity take a look at this link so see how:

Family Camping Trip

Our family camping trips are so much fun.  We all camp around each other in all types of rv’s and tents.  It’s very relaxed with no actives scheduled during the day so everyone can do what they want. Each evening after dark there is a time of devotion and witness around the campfire along with plenty of guitar music.  Sunday morning there is always a “church” service. We worship with music and Chris will give a word from the Lord.

Our camping trips are held once a year at one of the many fabulous state parks in our area.  We usually try to arrive on a Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday afternoon.

Couples Motorcycle Ride

We are avid motorcyclists.We both have our own cycles and ride as much as possible each year. Once a year we try to get as many fellow riders together for a Saturday ride.  As with most motorcycle rides the midway point or turnaround is always a restaurant.  We travel as a pack following all the rules and regulations of the road and we always obey the speed limits.   We have fun, which is the goal of the event. If you are a rider let us know and we will make sure you are included in the invite.