21days-book-1 Statistics say that fifty-two percent of marriages end in divorce and that more than half the children in America do not have a father figure in their life. This is a tragedy, but it’s one that can be remedied one husband at a time-starting with you. In 21 Days to Happily Ever After, author Chris Broughton presents a twenty-one day program for Christian husbands centering on nine responsibilities designed to help strengthen marriages. A compilation of lessons learned during Broughton’s plus years of marriage and more than fifteen years of ministering to marriages, this guide offers a series of biblical truths to help men become better leaders, providers, lovers, warriors, advocates, standard bearers, forgivers, reconciles, and intercessors. With engaging stories and appropriate analogies, 21 Days to Happily Ever After communicates what God expects of every man and shows you how to apply these principles to everyday life in order to live happily ever after with your wife”

“My wife and I had filed for divorce when Chris shared the materials in this book with me. That was more than five years ago. Now we are not just married, we are living happily ever after”  – Tim Quintario, a happy husband –  order-now